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  • Online Calendar Tutorial 

    Find the complete district calendar below or by clicking on the Calendar button located on the upper right side of the home page of any of the district’s websites. The basic calendar will appear with tan boxes detailing dates and events that are for a district-wide audience. Add your children’s school calendars with a couple of clicks. 
    • Click on Customize Calendar View (Above calendar on left side.)
    • Click on the pen icon next to the word Calendars, and then the 'add/remove' button
    • Choose your children’s schools from the list, click I’m Done
    • Your children’s school calendars will appear on the master page, each in a different color
    • Further customize your calendar by choosing your preferred view (Today, Day, Week, Month or List), located just above the calendar on the left side. Once you have it set to your preferences, print or upload your calendar using the buttons over the calendar on the right side.
    visual tutorial is also available to further assist with customizing your calendar.