• Safety and Security

    Drills State law requires schools to have 11 emergency drills each school year, including fire drills, lockdown drills, and tornado drills. School staff train students on procedures required to observe each drill. During drills, staff will act immediately to assist students, visitors, and volunteers in evacuation to a safe location.
    Emergencies During emergency procedures or evacuation, students, visitors, and volunteers are required to:
    • Follow all emergency directions given by school officials.
    • Report to designated area for attendance and further instruction.
    • Report any suspicious activity/behavior, concern or information immediately to school officials.
    Police Liaison Eden Prairie Police Liaison Officers are connected with each school. Some have offices on campus, others visit regularly to develop relationships with students and teach safety programs. Officers also assist school staff with some student behavior investigations. Police Liaison Officers and the Facilities Department work cooperatively to review district crisis management plans and site emergency procedures so that there is a coordinated response to emergencies by the school district and emergency responders.
    Visitor check-in The following procedures have been established to insure the safety of all children at all times. Parents are considered visitors during the school day.
    1. All visitors are required to have an appointment during the school day.
    2. All visitors are to report to the welcome desk and are required to sign in and wear a nametag.