• Volunteering

    District Volunteers

    A variety of district level committees and advisory councils, such as the Curriculum Advisory Council, Finance Advisory Committee, Special Education Advisory Council, and Community Education Advisory Council, are important ways parents can help shape district policies, procedures, and programs. For more information, log onto www.edenpr.org or call (952) 975-7150.

    Parent-Teacher Organizations

    The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) at EPHS is comprised of parents and staff working together to enhance your child’s school experience. The group sponsors and also organizes a wide variety of parent volunteer programs. The PTO plans events that serve as fundraisers with money used for programs and curriculum supplements that directly benefit students.

    School Volunteers

    Opportunities: EPHS offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that can vary by school year depending on need. Some of the possibilities include speaking in classes, assisting with school pictures, working in the resource centers, and working in the media center.

    Volunteer forms will be available in the “back-to-school packet” in the summer. Please fill one out and return it at any time. Volunteers are asked to follow the school security sign-in procedures. Staff are instructed to ask if they can help any visitor without a volunteer badge. This procedure has been developed in response to safety concerns. As you work with staff and students, information of a confidential nature may be shared with you. The problems, abilities, relationships, and confidences of students, their parents and staff should never be discussed with anyone who does not have a professional right or need to know. Like teachers, volunteers are bound by a code of ethics to keep confidential matters within the school.