• Student Life

    After-School Guidelines

    The following guidelines must be met if a student is to remain after school:
    • Any student staying after school must belong to a school-sponsored activity that meets after school.
    • Students who are not a part of an activity, or not seeking academic support, must leave the high school campus by 3 p.m.
    • Any student staying after school for academic support must be in the media center or a department resource center, and under the supervision of school staff.
    • Once a student has completed their supervised activity, they must remain in a designated area determined by security staff.
    • Students who ride the after-school activity bus must have a current school ID. Buses depart from the activity center entrance.
    • Students who fail to comply with these guidelines may have a discipline referral, and/or a trespassing notice filed with the Eden Prairie Police Department.

    Backpacks/Book Bags

    Students are allowed to transport books to and from school in backpacks/book bags. Backpacks/book bags in the classroom will be subject to teacher discretion. Backpacks/book bags/large purses are not allowed the final week of school.

    Communication Information Systems

    The daily bulletin, video monitors, P.A. system, and bulletin boards are communication systems and their use is subject to administrative approval. Most information needed is posted on the EPHS website.

    Dance Policy

    General: Guests are only allowed to attend the following three dances: Homecoming (Saturday), SELGAE’S, and Prom.
    • Guests must complete the dance registration form available in the Student Activities office.
    • All students must have a current school ID in order to be admitted to any EPHS dance.
    • Guests must have a current school ID or driver’s license.
    • Guests must be current 9th–12th graders or in their first year out of high school.
    • Eden Prairie reserves the right to close any or all dances to guests.
    • Once a student leaves a dance, s/he will not be readmitted.
    • The supervisor(s) of the dance reserves the right to refuse admittance to any Eden Prairie dance.
    • The supervisor(s) of the dance reserves the right to dismiss students from the dance for inappropriate dancing.
    Prom: A senior attending prom may invite a guest of his/her choice. The guest can be one year out of school. A junior attending prom is allowed to attend with a junior or senior only.

    All EPHS students and guests must present their ID when purchasing their ticket and at prom. All guests must fill out a guest form prior to purchasing prom tickets. All guests must follow the general guest policy stated in the handbook.

    Personal Electronic Devices

    Students are allowed to access their electronic device in any academic setting with teacher permission. If an electronic device becomes a distraction in any school environment, it will be confiscated and school policies will be enforced. Failure to comply will result in further action. EPHS is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices.
    Some bus drivers allow use of electronic devices on the bus. If students have permission to use these items on the bus, they will need to store them out of sight during the day. If students store valuable items in their lockers, they assume any risk of theft that may result.

    Food and Beverages

    Food and beverages are allowed to be consumed only in the east and west commons. Food must be consumed in the commons from which it is purchased; transporting food is not allowed. At a teacher’s discretion, food may be allowed in Connections. Food must remain in the Connections classroom. Students are responsible for leaving the Connections area clean. Food will not be allowed in hallways.

    Hennepin Technical College: Transportation

    Students may apply to drive or ride with another student to H.T.C. on a daily basis. Applications may be picked up at either student center. The application process must include:
    • Completion of the application including an approved statement of need.
    • Written parent permission on file.
    • The school district may revoke driving privileges at their discretion.

    Locker Rules and Responsibilities

    Student assigned lockers and physical education and athletic lockers are to be locked at all times. Do not bring large amounts of cash or valuables to school with you.
    • The district cannot reimburse you if your personal property is stolen.
    • Items left in lockers at the end of the school year will be donated to charity.
    The Eden Prairie School District policy concerning lockers is as follows: School lockers are the property of the school district. At no time does the school district relinquish its exclusive control of lockers provided for the convenience of students. Inspection of the interior of lockers may be conducted by school authorities for any reason at any time, without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant. The personal possessions of students within a school locker may be searched only when school authorities have a reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover evidence of a violation of law or school rules. As soon as possible after the search of a student’s possessions, the school authorities must provide notice of the search to the students whose lockers were searched unless disclosure would impede an ongoing investigation by police or school officials.

    Media Center

    The Library Media Center supports all learners and staff by providing print and electronic collections, areas for collaboration, instruction, technology, and library services in a quiet academic atmosphere.
    • All students are responsible for going to www.ephs.edenpr.org, then Library web page and applying the information provided in the text, tutorials and videos regarding orientation, resources, procedures, and services. The District Acceptable Computer Use policy is strictly observed, respect for staff and students is demonstrated as defined in the Student Management plan, and food and drinks are not allowed.
    • Backpacks are allowed in the LMC as long as they are under student desks and not left unattended.
    • Hours are 7:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday,  7 a.m. -3 p.m. Friday.


    Eden Prairie High School is part of a neighborhood. Our neighbors have every right to expect that their property (house, yard, cars, business, etc.) will be treated with respect. Therefore, EPHS students are not to trespass on neighborhood businesses or private property.


    Students who choose to drive to school will operate their vehicles in conformance with all rules and regulations of the state of Minnesota, the city of Eden Prairie, and School District 272 Board of Education policy governing the reserved parking lot. Motor vehicles must be licensed and covered by insurance. The school is not responsible for the motor vehicle or its contents. It is important to remember that driving to school is considered a privilege and rules will be strictly enforced. Students may not park their vehicles in the staff or visitor lots. Students parking on campus without a parking permit are subject to penalties.

    Parking Permits

    Students who choose to park on campus must purchase a yearly parking permit for $350 or $200. Yearly passes are available by a seniority system. Limited daily parking permits are available for $5 and must be purchased a day in advance. Permits are to be purchased at Student Center South. Students must have their driver’s license and car license plate number to purchase a permit.

    Permanent Passes

    Permanent passes to leave campus fourth hour are limited to juniors only with an open fourth hour. Freshmen and sophomores are not eligible for permanent passes. Junior passes may be issued on, but not limited to the following criteria:
    • No discipline infractions in the previous term.
    • Satisfactory progress towards graduation with a minimum of 24 credits and enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits for the academic year.
    • No violation of the attendance policy.
    • An application signed by parents/guardians.
    These passes can be revoked at any time and must be renewed on a quarterly basis. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Deans or other school administrators.

    Senior Privilege

    Beginning with the first term, senior students may earn a senior privilege to leave campus during an open hour or lunch based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:
    • No disciplinary infractions in the previous term.
    • No violations of the attendance policy.
    • Satisfactory progress toward graduation.
    • Application signed by parents/guardians, dean, Connections advisor, media center.
    • No outstanding fines.
    Senior Privilege can be revoked at any time. Students may  re-apply for Senior Privilege at the beginning of each term.

    Student ID’s

    Students must carry their current school provided ID at all times and show the ID when requested by school staff. Failure to show an ID when requested is insubordination.

    Study Halls

    All freshmen and sophomores who take less than 16 credits will be assigned to a study hall. Students will be allowed to access the media center, resource centers, and the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) for a period of time during study halls. Daily attendance is required. Study halls during 1st and 2nd hours will be in the South Commons. Third and fourth hour study hall will be in a classroom. All other students with free periods need to be in the East Commons or accessing academic support.

    Textbooks and School-Owned Equipment: Lost or Stolen

    The school will charge an appropriate replacement fee for textbooks, workbooks, library books, and school-owned equipment lost, stolen or damaged by students. School-issued property is the student’s responsibility until returned. Students have the responsibility to safeguard the materials or equipment at all times until returned. Stolen property cannot be reimbursed by the school district.