• Safety and Security


    State law requires schools to have 11 emergency drills each school year, including fire drills, lockdown drills, and tornado drills. School staff train students on procedures required to observe each drill. During drills, staff will act immediately to assist students, visitors, and volunteers in evacuation to a safe location.



    During emergency procedures or evacuation, students, visitors, and volunteers are required to:
    • Follow all emergency directions given by school officials.
    • Report to designated area for attendance and further instruction.

    • Report any suspicious activity/behavior, concern or information immediately to school officials.

    Police Liaison

    Eden Prairie Police Liaison Officers are connected with each school. Some have offices on campus, others visit regularly to develop relationships with students and teach safety programs. Officers also assist school staff with some student behavior investigations. Police Liaison Officers and the Facilities Department work cooperatively to review district crisis management plans and site emergency procedures so that there is a coordinated response to emergencies by the school district and emergency responders.


    Visitors We welcome and encourage volunteers and visitors to our schools. Parents are considered visitors during the school day. As a safety measure, everyone must enter and exit through the main doors during school hours. All other doors will remain locked throughout the school day.

    All guests are required to report directly to the office where they will sign in through our Raptor system, present their driver’s license, and will be given a visitor badge to wear during the school day.

    The following standards are required of all visitors:
    • Visitors must wear a visitor badge during their stay.
    • Visitors must check in at the office prior to visiting the school playground.
    • To avoid instructional interruptions, we ask that parents arrange classroom visits and volunteer opportunities with the teacher or administrator prior to the day of the visit.
    • Visitors are asked to help maintain the consistency of the learning environment and are not allowed to observe in classrooms due to distractions and the importance of data privacy.
    • Parents wishing to pick up their child(ren) from school prior to regular dismissal time must come to the office. The receptionist or office staff member will call your child to the foyer/office and ask you to sign him/her out.
    • Only adults listed in CAMPUS as parents / guardians will be allowed to pick up a child. If a different adult will pick up a child, the child’s parent/guardian must provide a signed note, email or verbal agreement and have it approved by the principal or designee.