• Health

    The Health Services staff work in partnership with educational staff to provide students with high quality and consistent health care and health management. Find Health Services forms online at www.edenpr.org.

    Allergies (Animals, Fragrances, Latex)

    Animals and pets are not allowed to visit inside schools without principal permission and specific policy requirements. This policy is in place because of student and staff health needs and air quality issues. Some exceptions may be made; please check with the principal before bringing any animals into the classroom.
    Eden Prairie Schools encourages a fragrance aware and latex limited environment. “Fragrance Aware” means that we will try to have a fragrance and scent-free environment. “Latex Limited” means that no latex gloves or latex balloons are allowed.

    Communicable Disease

    Your school’s Health Services office should be notified when a student has a communicable condition (i.e. chicken pox, strep throat, head lice) so appropriate measures may be taken. Notices may be sent home with other students when these conditions occur in a classroom. For a list of common childhood diseases, symptoms, communicability, and source of infection, log on to the district website, www.edenpr.org.

    Health Conditions

    The school nurse will work closely with students who have an acute or chronic health need such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, allergies, or other illness. Parents will want to notify Health Services about their student’s specific health needs. The student and parents will work with the school nurse to determine how best to manage the health conditions and plan for any potential life threatening emergencies.

    Homebound or Hospital Instruction

    Homebound or hospital instruction is provided for children who are absent from school due to prolonged illness or disability. If your child is going to be absent longer than 15 school days, please contact the school.


    When should my child be kept at home, and when can he/she attend school?
    • Fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more – child should stay home until 24 hours after the temperature returns to normal
    • Vomiting or diarrhea – child should stay home until 24 hours after the last episode
    • Rash that may be disease-related or the cause is unknown – check with your health care provider before sending the child to school
    If the child is ill at home, call the school attendance line daily to report the reason for absence. It is helpful if specific symptoms and/or diagnosis are reported. When a student becomes ill or is injured at school, first aid and illness management will be provided by the health paraprofessional and 911 will be called if it is needed. The parent/guardian will be contacted using the health and emergency information form. It is important that the names and phone numbers listed on the form are current and updated. Please list people who can pick the student up from school if you are not available.

    Immunizations Up-to-Date

    Eden Prairie Schools is part of the “No Shots, No School” program. All students must have proof of vaccine to start school. Students who have special medical problems and cannot be vaccinated, or whose parents conscientiously object, may receive legal exemption. Contact Health Services for assistance with accessing immunizations or to get information on exemptions.


    Eden Prairie Schools does not carry accident, disability, or medical insurance for students. Coverage is through the student’s family medical coverage, including the cost of ambulance services. The district does carry public/general liability coverage for district premises and/or employee negligence. MinnesotaCare health insurance is available for those families who qualify based on monthly income and family size. Questions about this plan can be directed to the school nurse or social worker.


    Students are not usually permitted to administer their own medication at school. Parents requesting that prescription or non-prescription medication be administered during school hours are required to provide:
    • A physician’s order/signature for medication during the school day
    • Parent’s signature on a Medication Authorization Form or a note
    • Medicine in original prescription bottle labeled with student’s name, etc. Please ask the pharmacy to put prescription medication in two bottles completely labeled – one for home and one for school.
    All non-prescription medications must be provided in their original labeled container. No medications can be dispensed when provided in envelopes, plastic bags, etc. Medication Authorization Forms are available in the nurse’s office.

    Restricted Activities

    Written doctor’s excuses are required for students who need to be kept in from recess at elementary school or who need to miss physical education. The note must state how long the restriction will be in effect.

    Screening (Vision and Hearing)

    Students will be screened according to the Minnesota Department of Health recommendations. Parents or teachers can also request vision or hearing screening any time if they have a concern about their child. If a student does not pass the vision or hearing screening procedure, the screening will be repeated. If the student does not pass the screening the second time, a physician referral notice will be sent to the parent. Parents are strongly encouraged to return the referral form to the school’s Health Services office.