Bullying Behavior

  • Eden Prairie Schools believes in a safe environment for all students. That is why bullying behaviors of any sort are not allowed, and actions will be taken to intervene when this behavior occurs. Bullying behavior is described in our student handbook as 'Unreasonable and inappropriate willful behavior that intimidates, offends, degrades, insults and/or humiliates an individual.' Bullying also means that there is an imbalance of power so that the victim cannot successfully defend himself or herself. Power can be physical size, strength, numbers, social standing, verbal skill, economic power, cultural or ethnic power, level of intelligence, popularity, gender, etc.

    Examples of Bullying Behavior Might Include:


    If any of these things or something else is going on that causes a student to feel uncomfortable; please contact the student's dean or counselor by contacting the school. It is our hope that all students will take an active role in stopping bullying behaviors.

    We ask that if a student sees bullying behaviors occur or an adult sees or hears about bullying behaviors, that they will also contact their dean or counselor.

    We need everyone working together to help keep our schools feeling safe and bully free. If you see or know of bullying behaviors or have any questions, please contact your dean or counselor right away. You can access any of the staff email addresses or phone numbers by clicking on the staff directory link in the top navigation bar of the website.