• Schedule Errors

    Because a thorough registration process occurred in February, there will not be an opportunity to change schedules. A student can only drop a class the first week of a term for the following reasons:

    • Not having the pre-requisite for the class listed or are significantly misplaced as evidenced by previous course grades.
    • Having failed a class.
    • Obvious scheduling errors (2 classes scheduled in the same hour).
    • A class needed for graduation is not listed or was dropped from the schedule.
    • The schedule is unbalanced (2 open hours in a term, four “heavy” classes in one term).

    Students dropping a class after the first week of a new term will receive an F.

    Reminder: Freshmen and Sophomores are expected to carry a full schedule throughout the school year. Juniors and Seniors are expected to carry a minimum of 3 classes per term.