• Facility Use Regulations

    These rules and regulations are an agreement between you (the organization requesting space) and Independent School District #272. By signing the facility use application, you acknowledge your acceptance of the conditions below.


    • A Community Education building supervisor and/or custodian will be present at all times when a school building is open to operate lights, security, unlocking and locking doors. Neither person will be required to supervise groups or activities. A building supervisor is on duty to assist participants and maintain order in the facility. A custodian's primary function is to maintain the building. If you need assistance, contact the building supervisor.
    • All meetings will close in sufficient time to completely vacate the building by the times approved on the customer schedule. If activities are not concluded by this time, groups may be subject to additional charges.
    • All groups must have a first aid kit on site with them at all times.
    • An adult leader at least 21 years of age from your organization will be present from the time of entry stated on customer schedule until all participants have left the premises. Your leader will check in with the building supervisor upon arrival. It is your responsibility to maintain control of the behavior of children involved in the activity (and those children whose parents are involved in the activity) and to ensure that they remain in the area authorized in the customer schedule.
    • The individual named on the customer permit and the group in whose name the customer permit is issued will be jointly responsible for their use of the building and will accept responsibility for any damage done to school property.


    • Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours (Monday through Friday) prior to scheduled use or you will be liable for the rental fee.
    • When school is cancelled due to inclement weather or physical problems, activities scheduled after school, or in the evening are cancelled. Consult WCCO radio (830), TV channels 4, 5, 9, 11 or the district website: www.edenpr.org

    Food Use

    Food may be served under the following conditions:
    • Food and drink may only be served or consumed in cafeterias, lounges and other approved locations and must appear on the customer schedule.
    • The Director of Food Services (952-975-8051) will approve use of the HS concession stand or any kitchens.
    • Home-baked or home-cooked foods are not permitted to be served in the schools because of State Health Department regulations.
    • The Director of Food Services will approve catered dinners. A copy of the caterer’s license will be on file in the Community Education office prior to the event.
    • Operators of temporary food/concession stands will obtain an itinerant food service license through the Hennepin County Environmental Health Department (952-351-5200).
    • Groups will follow the School District's recycling policy.

    Building Use

    • The school facility will be left in the same condition in which it was found. The group is responsible for setting up equipment before and returning rooms used to original order after activities. (Any expense incurred by the District as a result of the activity may be charged against the user.)
    • Classroom materials and information on bulletin boards, white or blackboards will not be disturbed or erased. Classroom supplies and teacher’s desks will not be disturbed.
    • Groups may use school equipment within the building (nets, standards, AV equipment, etc.) at a minimal cost upon arrangement with Community Education. Only equipment specified on permit will be made available to organizations.
    • Furniture and equipment will not be moved from one room to another unless mentioned on the customer permit, and will be moved or supervised by CE building supervisor. Extra/unusual services will be identified on the permit.
    • No decoration or other materials may be applied to walls, ceilings or floors that will mar, deface, or injure these surfaces. 
    • Groups/individuals may not assign, sublet, or transfer their approved facility use to any other group/individual.

    District Policies

    • The district will assume no liability or responsibility for any personal items or equipment of the individual or group, which is used or stored on district property.
    • School, City and State fire and safety regulations will be observed at all times.
    • Parking in designated fire lanes is prohibited.
    • Gambling, drinking, smoking, or the possession of weapons, intoxicants and illegal chemicals in the school buildings, or on the school property, including the school parking lots, is prohibited.
    • School District policy prohibits all forms of sexual harassment and violence.
    • School District buildings are latex restricted sites. No balloons or other latex products are permitted.
    • The School District encourages a fragrance and scent-free environment. Occupants and visitors are asked to refrain from using fragrance items while in district buildings.
    • If video will be taken at, or media will be invited to, your event, you are responsible for getting permission from our EP Schools Communications Department prior to completing an application and renting space in any district facility. The communications staff can be contacted at communications@edenpr.org or 952-975-7150.