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About Our Early Childhood Programs

From the moment you learn there will be a new addition to your family, your hopes and dreams for your child begin to grow. Along with all the books you’ll read and the advice you’ll get, Eden Prairie Schools’ Early Childhood and Preschool programs are here to provide you with a sound foundation for your little one’s first years of growth. We have much to offer you and your family, including the following programs:
It is never too early to start stimulating your baby’s mind in ways that promote healthy development and build on your relationship with your child. Our staff of certified teachers and specialists will show you ways to nurture your child’s development physically, emotionally and mentally from birth to age five. We’ve developed an inspiring curriculum that offers opportunities for you to learn with your child and builds on your own parental intuition. There is also time for parent-only discussions where you’ll find answers to questions and meet other parents.
As kindergarten draws near, we’ll help ensure your child is ready with several preschool options and Early Childhood Screening (a requirement in the state of Minnesota). All of our programing is based on current early childhood development research and is an integral part of the greater Eden Prairie Schools education system.
Families of children with special needs will have personalized opportunities developed to help their children begin developing toward their highest potential. Parents who have questions or concerns about their children's behavior, development, or relationships within the family can schedule a free home visit with a family educator. Early Childhood parent educators can help explain normal developmental milestones, provide information about parenting skills, and let parents know what resources are available in their schools and communities. (Please call the Eden Prairie Early Childhood office for more information, 952-975-6980.)
Our Facility and Classrooms 
Our classrooms include many discovery opportunities and manipulatives that create learning experiences different than home. Sand tables (which are sometimes filled with cotton balls!), the muscle room and of course great playgrounds will give your child a chance to experience something new. They will also benefit from time with their peer age group, learning social skills that are preparing them for their future. Schedule a tour and see first-hand what we have to offer you and your family!
We look forward to sharing these early, special years with your growing family. Eden Prairie's Early Childhood and Preschool programs will give you opportunities for fun, development and support, and help you instill in your child a lifelong love of learning. 

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